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Isokummun Luomu Oy

Isokummun Luomu Oy is a family business that has operated on the same farm for five generations. There have been organic sheep on the farm for 14 years. Indigenous Finnish sheep and kainuu gray are bred on the Isokummun farm. Satu, who bought the farm from her parents, has been involved in handicrafts all her life, and therefore sheep were chosen as a production animal with the farm. Initially, meat breeds and crossbred sheep were also bred on the farm, but very soon they were abandoned and nurturing the original Finnish sheep breeds proved to be the most suitable solution for our farm. We feel it is important to preserve even the rarest lineages of our diverse breeds.

Isokummun Luomu Oy was established in 2020 as an roof organization for various industries: agriculture (Isokummun Luomu Oy), nursing farm operations (Isokummun lammastila), and further processing of wool (Isokummun Kehräämö Oy).

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