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Isokummun Kehräämö Oy

Welcome to shop at the spinner's store atLastauskuja 1 Eskola. A wider selection is available in the store than in the online store.
Open weekdays  9-16 and by agreement.

Isokummun Kehräämö Oy, founded in 2018, is a company specializing in the further processing of Finnish wool. The spinning mill is operating in the vicinity of the Isokummun farm in Ostrobothnia, Finland.

We participated in Motiva's circular economy experiment in 2019. During the experiment, we learned the secrets of washing and sorting wool.

Our goal is to establish a sorting center and laundry for the further processing of domestic wool. International standards are used for wool collection and sorting. Domestic wool is graded using Wool Testing Authority Europe LTD laboratory test certificates. With the help of classification, we get information about the world market value of domestic wool.

If our goal is achieved, the sheep farmers in the area will get a better return on wool and training in wool sorting and shearing. We have been involved in founding the Finnish Shearers Association. The aim of the association is to create a new kind of wool culture in Finland, in which international rules and orthodox collection are introduced. In this way, we help to get better quality wool for sorting and washing. In that way, we get better quality end products from wool to the market.

Industrial wool washing is hardly available in Finland. The lack of a laundry is one of the most serious problems in Finnish wool production. The planned laundry will meet the requirements of the European Union eco-label in terms of emissions, and the waste material from the process will be treated as a product suitable as a soil improver.

The wool fibers of domestic indigenous breeds are finer than those of imported breeds, so washing wool requires special technology. The processes used in existing industrial-scale laundries are not directly applicable to the washing of domestic fibers due to the specific properties of the fiber. In Finland, the Finnish sheep is a dominant breed, with fine wool available in abundance, but currently the utilization rate is very low. There is a demand for Finnish sheep's wool and an existing market.

In washing wool, water and energy consumption are abundant. Wastewater regulations pose their own challenges to industrial-scale laundry operations. In order to make the washing process economically viable, it is necessary to develop the whole process as closed as possible. Energy production is carried out with completely renewable energy sources and thermal energy, waste and purified water are recovered at each stage of the washing process itself.

We were also involved in the Growth Open 2020 Bio and Circular Economy growth path.

Contact information for the spinning mill:

+358 45 145 8447

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